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Explore a potent dream, uncover your next level of life purpose, or get support through a difficult time.

Once we get used to listening to our dreams, our whole body responds like a musical instrument. Images are pictures of the soul and can be used to bridge psyche and the body -- the whole body can be integrated through working with them.

~Marion Woodman


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experience transformation beyond your wildest dreams

Dreamwork will infuse your soul with more meaning and purpose in life, contribute to healing the past, paving way for more well-being, and provides guidance on your next steps in life.

Are you dreaming up a transformative experience through soul work?

Dreamwork is a direct line of communication to your soul!

When you're on the precipice of great change or challenges, turning to your dreams can create the clarity and insight needed for healing and moving forward with more courage.

NEW CLIENTS: Our first session together includes an initial dreamwork primer - how we will work together.

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*session packages to be used within 6 months after purchase.

Looking for a different package level, sliding scale, or alternative payment method? Send me a message, and let's see what we can do.

“It’s through dreams, say the Navajo, that humans keep in touch with the spirit realm. If you have lost your dreams, say the Iroquois, you’ve lost part of your soul.”

– Robert Moss

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A Monthly Circle of Dreamers

Uncovering The Magic And Wonder Of




Come together and access the power to create more abundance and be the happiest you can be.

Together, we will focus on letting go into the power of fire because there is magic and miracles in dreamwork.

Without connection to your dreams, you will miss out on important messages to guide you forward.

Inner guidance is your super power!

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A wonderful boutique experience with others who share your interest in Dreamwork to:

  • Heal Through The Cross-Roads In Your Life

  • Attract The Energy of a Joyful Heart

  • Slow Down and Appreciate Abundance

  • Cultivate the Power of Intuition

  • Focus on Extreme Self-Care

  • Create Healthy Boundaries

  • Follow The Rhythms of Nature and the Seasons of Your Life

  • Explore Your Dreamtime

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Group dreamwork gave her a sense of comfort when she most needed it.

Group dreamwork gave her a sense of comfort when she most needed it.

"Working with Lisa was the most comfortable experience, listening to her tone of voice helped me relax and really pay attention to all the wonderful information."

Wendy L

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