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Educating and Inspiring women over 50 to design their next chapter, infused with spiritual practices, creative expression, and balance.

"Lisa lights up a room!...

And she knows how to connect with an audience as she shares tips, ideas, and inspiring stories that move you to action. She cares so much about helping people and that genuine desire to serve comes across in who she is as a speaker."

- Jenny Fenig, Speaker and Coach

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Masters in Transpersonal Psychology

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The Solopreneur Telesummit

Coaching Since 2003

"Lisa is such an inspiration and will help so many people"

- Lindsay Ellis, Speaker and Coach

Meet Lisa

I've been immersed in the coaching world since 2003, witnessing the dynamic shifts within the industry. Now, firmly in the season of cherishing the years ahead, I am dedicated to realizing personal dreams and relishing creative pursuits while maintaining a meaningful work life.

In 2020, a health crisis interrupted this journey, prompting a temporary pause on work and hobbies for intense physical healing.

Gradually resuming my professional activities on a part-time basis, I confronted the need to let go of some youthful aspirations. Surprisingly, this surrender led me to discover new, equally fulfilling paths.

Rooted in my studies in Transpersonal Psychology and extensive coaching training, my focus shifted towards fostering a balanced life.

Now, I am passionately committed to assisting fellow women in embracing their golden years with an abundance of joy.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together! 🌺✨

INSTAGRAM: @LisaHines_Coach • FACEBOOK: @LisaHinesCoach

• LINKEDIN: @LisaHinesCoach

Expert Specialties


Transpersonal Empowerment:

Dreamwork and spiritual practices for personal growth.Creative expression as a tool for self-discovery.



Pre-Retirement Mastery:

Empowering mature women in entrepreneurship. Crafting a fulfilling "retired" feeling through meaningful hobbies while balancing work.


Entrepreneurship Expertise:

Entrepreneurial insights and guidance in the tech world, and how to be authentically you in a rapidly changing industry.

Personal triumphs, and other areas of expertise

  • Cancer warrior

  • Grief and loss (death)

  • Shadow work

  • Dark night of the soul

  • Overcoming medical issues

  • Ecospirituality (Nature connection)

  • Creative expression for healing

  • Aging into the power years

  • Mystical and spiritual practices

Speaking and Workshop Topics

🎤 Decoding Dreamwork:

Embrace the Magic Within, Even When You Only Remember a Snippet of Your Dream

🎤 Designing Your Vision: Unleashing 'Mandala Magic' through Creative Journaling for Your Next Chapter

🎤 Demystify the Unknown:

Navigating Change With Signs, Symbols, and Synchronicities

🎤 Thrive Despite Health Challenges: Embracing Resilience and Finding Your Joy For Better or Worse

🎤 Creating a Balanced Life in Peri-Retirement: Fostering Harmony Between Work and Enjoyment

🎤 Navigating Transitions: Rediscovering Your Purpose and Passion in the Second Half of Life

We can always tailor a specialized talk or interview for your audience.

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