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Strawberry Full Moon - June 2023

Strawberry Full Moon - June 2023

Discover the magical influence of the upcoming Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius, igniting curiosity, abundance, and adventure. Embrace the sweetness and dive into a season filled with playful creat... ...more

Lunar Abundance

May 28, 20231 min read

Samhain: How to create a ritual or altar

Samhain: How to create a ritual or altar

Samhain traditions, both ancient and modern, can provide more meaning and healing for celebrating the season of Halloween. ...more

Lunar Abundance

October 30, 20225 min read

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I couldn't have done my launch without lisa!

It was December, and I could have easily skipped the Arm Sculpting Challenge because it was "the holidays." I hired Lisa to manage my launch project, organize all the moving parts which overwhelmed me, and create my graphics. As a result of her help, I grew my list by over 200 women and 8 of them joined my membership program.

Rebecca Snowball

Yoga Instructor and Coach


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Lisa is a Transpersonal Coach, guiding entrepreneurs into their wiser years with a focus on tapping into their fierce wisdom and soul's guidance. She inspires a deeper connection to meaning in life and business, helping you craft a legacy that reflects the power of your entrepreneurial spirit and the depth of your inner knowledge.v Read more

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