Meet Lisa

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur and coach, I know what it's like to lose consistency in marketing and sales. I, too, have had life distractions, and health issues. As a result, I've taken time away and have felt like I'm starting over several times.

But, what I can share with you is that in this season of life, I have come to the conclusion there's a better way to grow a business, despite setbacks, and still enjoy life to the fullest.

When you blend practical tactics with the mystical and your intuition, the results are exponential.

As I step into my own next chapter, taking a holistic approach is what excites me.

Imagine... an excuse to live and embrace all facets of yourself! Can I get a "yahoo!"?

Over the years, I've learned the key essentials of what it really takes to be an online entrepreneur.

I also know what it's like to face health issues, and lose momentum. That story is coming soon.

If you've ever felt like you're constantly resetting or juggling too much, I'm right there with you. What I've realized is that every reset, every challenge, gives us clues to the next step on the journey.

And I promise to share with you not just the successes but the real challenges too, including those hurdles that can throw us off track.

Let's use our multifaceted selves to create businesses that aren't just successful, but deeply fulfilling.

Let's do this with openness, honesty, and excitement for what's to come.


Lisa Hines

It's totally possible to run a successful online passion business and balance it with savoring life now and into your golden years.

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Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology

With a Master's in Transpersonal Psychology and experience as a dreamwork facilitator, I help you deepen your intuition and dreams to support life and business transitions.

I've used my studies to lead Dreamwork circles for over 4 years where I faciliated women with their profound, and often unexpected, healing and insights into their current life situations. There's so much more to what we see on the surface if we just take the time to examine it. Dreamwork expands intuition and creative resourcefulness for navigating life.

Coaching Experience

With over 21 years of entrepreneurial experience I have the knowledge to help you with client attraction, launches and offers, messaging, mindset, and increased sales.

My blend of artistic creativity and logical grounding helps intertwine the mystical with the practical, fueling your business while enhancing life fulfillment.

My Technical Expertise

My keen abilities with technology and systems creates a unique opportunity to help you with the behind-the-scenes tech, such as web design, automations, funnels, graphics, and branding.

The combination of my skills and strengths makes me uniquely equipped to help you grow your online business and support a lifestyle that is joyful and meaningful.

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When I'm not working with clients, you can typically find me in the pottery studio, cooking, or gardening, and ultimately my hot tub is my place of mental well-being.

Pottery was a saving grace during my troubled teenage years. I first played with clay in high school, but when I exited early with the CHSPE I turned to college courses, including ceramics. Oh my gosh! I fell in love with it.

Fast forward through the years and I was able to invest in the equipment for my backyard studio. My days in Real Estate served my pottery hobby well.

In 2015 I decided to set down all other endeavors and focus solely on selling my pottery online and in person at the local farmers market. I took a deep dive and spend most of my days in my happy zone. I learned a lot about running a creative business, including bookkeeping, sales for tangible products, and pricing.

I still continue to sell some pottery online at

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"I felt overwhelmed, knowing I wanted to grow my list and host a powerful launch for my community. With so many moving parts in the online world, I was lost on where to start or how to manage it all. Despite my knowledge, I struggled to organize the project and establish priorities. Thanks to Lisa, my successful Online Event became a reality. Lisa's expertise lies in managing online projects seamlessly. She navigates tasks, timelines, and resources effortlessly, ensuring every phase is supported with the right documents and graphics. Having her support was exactly what I needed to make it happen."